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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Work is just a four letter word

I scrapped the idea for the children's storybook and settled for wallpaper design/wall murals. This seems like a more interesting and open project to work on. Using my sense of humour I hope to create a piece of work that reflects my personality.

I love ice-cream and to be honest, I think the idea of having a room filled with ice-cream wallpaper would be pretty cool indeed.

I cannot stand dirty toilets, so the idea of having this as wallpaper in a toilet strikes me as funny and daft. Who says wallpaper has to be dull, lifeless and boring.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Father and Son

I painted a picture of my Dad for The Book of Me, he hasn't read it yet, but he's the only person from my family who ever will see it. It's strange how something so personal can be shared with people I have just met, but not with relatives.

My first ever self-portrait. It turned out well to say I only used HB Pencil, I'm picky about having my photograph taken, and even more so about drawing one. I prefer been able to have a say in whether I keep or delete an image.