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Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Death of a Businessman

comes a time
every man's life
when he must

all that he
learned and
return to the

Say goodbye;
put aside his
lay his cards
flat against his

will be okay
"Rest In Peace"
is said in

as the pillow
bear in mind, this
was for the

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Revolution 9

Accidently, I fell
Into the garden,
There lies the path of no return.

Monday, 11 July 2011


I have laid bare for all to see
A sickening, twisted, marrowfat of a lie
I expressed my own freedoms on the
shirtsleeves of others

I was trying to maintain my status
Of that being King of the Hill
I know full well that I spoke ill of the weak

Stripped at the waist, here it is
The tortured broken bones, dismantled and hot
I extend this gratitude to those left to rot

You better be aware that I am,
Numb and cold in need of stitches
When I have no rags and I have no riches

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Keep Calm and Carry On

I couldn't afford to travel the world in order to 'find myself', so I did the next best thing and went to art school. After completing my first year of Fine Art for Design BA Hons. I find the change in my thinking, views and attitude to be staggering. Before the course I was unsure of what kind of work I wanted to create and how people would find what I do interesting in any sort of way. This first year has helped me to understand that art doesn't have to be accurate, resemble reality or be to everybodys taste at all - it is a study of how we as artists perceive the world.

Rather than go to a university where their sole focus was all about money and how many students they could cram into one class; I decided to go somewhere that cared about who you are and saw you as an individual. The thing I love about my course is that I have the oppurtunity to be myself, and whatever mad shit comes out of my mouth or brain it isn't frowned upon or discouraged.

I would never have expected to be producing the kind of work that I am doing now, and in all honesty if I went anywhere else my creativity would have been stifled and I would have had to conform to what they wanted me to be. I couldn't ask for better tutors or classmates, we are like one big family, a huge collaboration if you will.

I'm sure that my ideas have become more informed and better developed since I started this course, its helped me become comfortable with who I am and how I think. This first year has gone incredibly fast, but I have enjoyed every single minute of it and I truly value the encouragement and support I have received from everybody.

In this first year I have identified where my strengths and interests lie and how I can use those to my advantage. I've discovered a newfound love of typography and writing and I will incorporate this into my work more and experiment with its possibilites.

Every single project I have done so far has benefited me greatly, in particular the collaboration as it forced me to work with others and come out of my comfort zone. I am proud with the results and outcomes as well as what I gained along the way. I can say for certain that I will miss Batley Art School terribly at the end of the third year, I intend to make the most of the two years that I have left and cherish all of the the things that I learn and do.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Monologue of a Coal Miner's Wife

I am ambition, before 1984 I aspired to be a housewife, mother, housekeeper. Now I have the independence and the drive to be anything I want to be.

I am Janice, I desire to be a school teacher, to teach children what I know, to instil in them the belief that they have the oppurtunity to be whatever they wish.

I now recognise myself to be a woman who has the same authority, rights and integrity as any man. Women have now been given a voice and a sense of purpose rather than being taken for granted. I am no longer seen as useless and weak.

I am a woman, I am ambition.

Image sourced from www.mothering.com

Monday, 4 July 2011


White is the colour that suffocates this room, carrier bag white, ironically. On the walls are white paintings, white fixtures and white fittings. If you were to open the cupboards you'd find white labelled products on an equally white shelf. The soundtrack to my room is that of a white fridge pleasantly humming, inside it stores milk, bread, fish, chicken and mayonaise, each sharing the same sickening colour. In usual circumstances this kind of life could cost you an absolute fortune. I tell myself everyday how lucky I am, to be able to live in a world of comfort, fully furnished. I wonder, how many of you envy my pristine life complete with padded walls?