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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Monologue of a Coal Miner's Wife

I am ambition, before 1984 I aspired to be a housewife, mother, housekeeper. Now I have the independence and the drive to be anything I want to be.

I am Janice, I desire to be a school teacher, to teach children what I know, to instil in them the belief that they have the oppurtunity to be whatever they wish.

I now recognise myself to be a woman who has the same authority, rights and integrity as any man. Women have now been given a voice and a sense of purpose rather than being taken for granted. I am no longer seen as useless and weak.

I am a woman, I am ambition.

Image sourced from www.mothering.com


  1. I like how you've captured the zeitgeist (HA, wanky vocab there). But yeah, despite Thatcher's actions being deplorable they clearly pushed people to fight for their rights and liberate themselves.
    This is like an ode to second wave feminism. Great shit.

  2. Thanks Freya, you're a top banana :)!