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Monday, 4 July 2011


White is the colour that suffocates this room, carrier bag white, ironically. On the walls are white paintings, white fixtures and white fittings. If you were to open the cupboards you'd find white labelled products on an equally white shelf. The soundtrack to my room is that of a white fridge pleasantly humming, inside it stores milk, bread, fish, chicken and mayonaise, each sharing the same sickening colour. In usual circumstances this kind of life could cost you an absolute fortune. I tell myself everyday how lucky I am, to be able to live in a world of comfort, fully furnished. I wonder, how many of you envy my pristine life complete with padded walls?

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  1. What I really like about this is your prose is articulate yet also as straightforward as what you're describing, for me that's helped to enforce the atmosphere and environment, making it a really intense short read.
    Initially the setting appeared to me as idyllic and fairytale like because of the colour white's association with purity and safety, but then the mood changes as soon as you use the word "sickening". It's from then as a reader I start to understand the blankness and lack of variety when everything's the same and how it can be suffocating.

    I can't pinpoint what it's about specifically but I think there's many things it can apply to, which makes it interesting. For me personally I think it could easily be a statement against consumerist slavery, but could be purely because of it's open-ended nature and that as the reader that's a concept that interests me.

    It's a great piece. (sorry for the essay I'm a geek).