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Wednesday, 29 September 2010


When I started this blog the idea was to update it regularly, didn't really happen did it? Heres my second attempt at keeping to this blogging thing. Started Art School about two weeks ago, everybody gets on really well and the course is better than i expected it to be. I wonder how many people dropped out of Universities because the course is absolutley dire? After panicing unnecessarily I came up with some really interesting ideas for my first module so it's full steam ahead ;)

I should really put more artwork and visuals on here it's looking pretty bleak with all this text. Show and tell went well, i finished the 'Book Of Me' summer project so i'll put up the snaps inabit. Oh and I secured one and a half days employement (go me!) at the solicitor's manning the phones and typing letters, should be fun, having a meltdown could well be likley but at the end of the day it's more money for materials and i get to sit in a sexy swivvel chair and drink cup after cup of coffee.

Perhaps i should start brainstorming ideas for that children's story, if it comes to me as easily as my graphic novel did i should be laughing. If it doesn't, well then I won't be.

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