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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

summer project: book of me

Haven't wrote on here in a while, neither have i posted any work on this thing. Finally taken pictures of my summer project, to be honest sooner or later this book was going to be written. Chuffing glad I've got it written, kept putting it off for ages. The pictures i illustrated seemed to turn out really well too, i enjoyed this excursion down Memory Lane makes me realise how much I've grown up in the past three years, I have even if I don't act like it at times :)

Front Cover

The majority of things i read over the six weeks seemed to focus a lot on God, i.e. William Blake, Douglas Coupland, Life of Pi, Carl Jung etc. so this idea was born from that. Kind of based on William Blake's The Ancient of Days, but with the Goddess Durga as the central character.

Why I Wrote This Book

My Mum

My Dad

Wayne Hunter

Steve Hunter

Johnny McDermott

Alex Clayton


Aimee Green

Tom Howarth

Laura Parker


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  1. Hi Adam, thank yuou for the blog visit! This is making me feel a bit old, wait until you are my age (43) and go through your old sketchbooks - it's like looking at a different person; which of course, one is really...enjoy the journey you are on. :)