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Monday, 4 March 2013

Brave New World Illustration

I recently recieved an email back from House of Illustration in regards to my submitted illustrations for the Aldous Huxley novel 'Brave New World'. Unfortunately, my images weren't selected but in all honesty I really enjoyed created them and I feel that these have propelled my work into a different direction and for that I'm very pleased. Here are the three images I submitted based on scenes throughout the book that stood out to me so lucidly and vividly.
“‘Well, then they were the parents –
I mean, not the babies, of course; the other ones.’”

“The lift was crowded with men from the Alpha Changing Rooms,
and Lenina’s entry was greeted by many friendly nods and smiles.
She was a popular girl.”

“The Savage pushed her away with such force that she staggered and fell.
‘Go,’ he shouted, standing over her menacingly, ‘get out of my sight or I’ll kill you.’
He clenched his fists.”


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