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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Meal For One

I've bought a pretty cheap ready meal from Heron Foods. I'm really looking forward to it because you seem to get a lot in it, you even get a free naan! On the back it says, "Joe hates to be hungry. His spicy chicken tikka balti is packed full of flavour & is sure to feed your hunger." As you'll agree this Joe fella is promising a lot, and that's exactly what I'm expecting after tucking into 'hungry Joe's Chicken Tikka Balti with Rice & Naan', a lot. To illustrate who Joe is and to prove that these people aren't fooling with you, you actually get to see Joe. Unlike Mr. Kipling, I've never seen his face. But we can see Joe on the back, with an apron with "Joe" written on it to show who he is, a man with an apron on that says "Joe" on it so we know he's Joe. He's also cooking a meal which doesn't look like the frozen one I've taken out of the packet. But as I said, I'm really looking forward to this and expected a lot from it so we won't hold that against him. Joe's never let me down and judging by his very tired face he looks as if he's made it a point in life not to let anybody else down either.

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