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Monday, 21 February 2011

Monday 21st February


Free complementary moustache

10 things i like

Music, Ice-Cream, Fairytales, Badges, Cuppas, Acting Daft, Books (none of that Kindle shit), Myself, Old Films and Bedtime.

10 things i dislike

News, Dirty Toilets, Consumerism, Mould, Mini Cheddars, Spiders, War, Sexploitation, Maths and CGI.

For this collaboration I'm going to just take shit loads of photographs using film, this project doesn't feel like it needs much (if any) drawing. My drawing book is coming along, but to be honest I think it will just be experimenting with other ways of drawing and typography. Off to London Town next week, hope I don't sleep in, perhaps I should invest in an alarm clock.

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