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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

London is the reason (or is it the excuse?)

I have to write a 300-500 word article on an exhibition I saw whilst in London, should be a laugh since I think I overloaded on exhibitions. It's impossible to cram all of London Town into 5 days, enjoyed it though, although I burned myself out on the first night and felt lethargic for the remainder of the trip.

I deleted my 'photo of the day project' accidently so I only have 3 left, what a twonk. Liverpool can rest assured it is still in my opinion home to the most ignorant people on Earth. I also wrote a NOT to do list which I'll animate along with some papier mache things, I've abandoned panic stations for the moment, just cracking on with work then.

Dr. Gupta (Tuesday)

Hi @ my face (Wednesday)

Bedroom wall decorations (Thursday)

Oh, and The Debacle published me article and poem so I've achieved one of my goals for this year - get published.

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