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Monday, 1 August 2011


There is an age old philosophical question, can money make you happy? I think at some point we have all wondered this, but I can say with much certainty that it does not.

Think about it, what is money? Pieces of paper, useless by itself, it is merely a middle man. If you think money can make you happy, imagine yourself in this situation - you have all of the money that you could possibly ever want, but are forbidden to use it, would this make you happy? Money by itself is useless, it is something that is man-made and designed to elevate people to a higher status than others.

It seems, at the moment anyway, money is what it's all about.

Money = Respect + Power

Having money doesn't make you better than anybody else, it doesn't make you more successful, more respected, more powerful. Did having money educate humans how to survive? Knowledge did that, and in my opinion knowledge is power. Knowledge has helped us to adapt and cope with change and whatever has been thrown at us since humanities inception.

Hapiness doesn't come from little pieces of paper or from what it can get you, after all they are just materialistic things, they're worthless compared to what really matters in life. Love, relationships, hapiness, peace, respect, equality, morals and freedom are just some of the things that money can't buy, they are also essential components to life.

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  1. Agree 100%, read some greek philosopher who basically said that the reason people like money is the "power" they feel from it, but power is just an emotion like any other and can be achieved in others ways. It's like if you're starving and you eat a loaf of bread for dinner, you may not enjoy it, but you'll still feel as full at the end as you would eating something finer. It's all just emotion that gets mixed up with aesthetics.