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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Leeds Metropolitan University

On Wednesday 25th November 2009 we journeyed to Leeds Metropolitan University. This particular University is based at the Headingly Campus; the location is quite far away from the city center and proved difficult to find. From the outside the building was large and very traditional, based on the exterior it looked like a pleasant place to study.
Upon entering the campus we were guided into a boardroom type setting and presented with comfy chairs, a large projected screen and a tutor who looked like Doc Brown from 'Back to the Future'. The tutor then told us about the animations created by the students and the very many companies born from the University. The animations looked pretty basic, something that would have taken about two hours to produce.
When we had sat through the introduction and the lecture had been concluded we were shown around the campus' facilities. The canteen contained numerous branches of food outlets - a jacket potato type function, a Chinese takeaway restaurant affair etc. After being 'wowed' by the appetising aromas that were on offer we were introduced to the millions of pounds worth of blue screens, recording studio space, computers and video equipment.
The vibe of the University reflected that of a lifeless atmosphere fuelled by money and a mass student population. It all seemed like the staff at the University primarily cared about the money that was invested into the campus rather than the concerns, ability and development of the students themselves.
From the visit I learned that no matter how much money, swimming pools or award-winning physiotherapists were at the University's disposal, it was all in vain as far as the wellbeing of the students is concerned. The onslaught of computers communicated that a severe lack of creatiivity was at play, and the outcome was not something that I would ever dream of aspiring to. My conclusion is that it is the environment and the tutors who make the priceless and fulfilled education that is recieved, not the money.


  1. "..we were introduced to the millions of pounds worth of blue screens, recording studio space, computers and video equipment."

    Yep and all the Nathan Barleys pissed themselves with joy. I was naive enough to think it was the end of the road; that I was degree level, art was changing and I had to fit in. They make you feel that way though. Bastards.