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Saturday, 7 July 2012


First and foremost I would like to thank you for being so accessible and a patron of the arts, it really means a lot. It's humbling to know that there are people like you who are willing to showcase artists and provide them with a platform on which to be seen.

However, the first exhibition I attended at Mexico Project Space was 'Title to be Decided'. I'll be frank with you, I imagine I'd have had a better time at a Nickelback concert. The work was dreadful, I've since tried to erase it from my memory. I'm still undergoing therapy, but the doctor says I should make a full recovery providing I never see a Daniel Eatock piece again.

After that I thought it couldn't possibly get any worse, but well done, you proved me wrong. The FUCK SAKE PART DEUX exhibition was catastrophic and diabolical, in fact I'm pretty sure words haven't been invented yet to describe quite how bad it was.

If the intention of the exhibition was to make us think "Fuck sake, why have I been studying art for four years if people like this get to exhibit this bollocks here?" "Fuck sake, why have I brought people who I love and care about here? They now hate me and are wondering why they are friends with a person who could do this to them." "Fuck sake, if this is art then why don't I just jack it all in now?" Then it was a success.

But if indeed the title 'FUCK SAKE' came from the artists being fed up of the close-knitness of Perth's art scene, as it states in the programme, then I feel it was a categorical fail. It has failed because I can empaphise with the curators of Perth for not wanting to exhibit this, these artists are more than like exhibiting in Leeds because they are in exile for making bad art.

In conclusion, I've been to two shows at Mexico Project Space and they leave a lot to be desired. Harsh you may think? Not harsh enough would be my response. It's a fantastic space and I just feel it's not being used to its full potential. I did however enjoy the programme, if only for the fact it prevented me from looking at the work on display. The work itself was, to put it simply, dross. I'm an art student and to me it just looked like a half arsed attempt at something masquerading as art. My tutor says if it's in a gallery it's art, I'm sorry but what I saw on Friday 1st June wasn't art; it was shit on walls. Thanks a lot Mexico, thanks a bunch.

Kind regards,

Adam Lee Jones

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